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At Cadland, we want our children to be:

Rights Respecting Citizens

We wholeheartedly support the United Nations Children’s Rights Charter. We ensure children know about their rights and also understand that with rights comes responsibilities to each other, the school and the local community. We also encourage children to be aware and take an active interest in local and international environmental issues. We have an active school council, who contribute to school decision making and represent the views of other pupils.

Confident communicators

We want your child to be a confi dent and articulate speaker. They will be encouraged to listen well and speak out in their class and in assemblies.

Fluent Readers & Writers

One of the most important things we do in school is to teach your child to become a confi dent reader. We use a structured, daily reading programme which is regularly monitored. Children are taught in small groups to ensure every child can learn at a pace appropriate to them. Once they complete the programme, they will use their skills as fl uent readers to access a wide range of literature and access the vast information sources available to them. They will use what they have learnt to become authors themselves and develop their voice as a writer across the curriculum.

Marvellous Mathematicians

All pupils have a daily Mathematics lesson. They will be taught to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Basic skills are important. They will be shown how to apply these maths skills in other areas as well such as Science and Cookery.
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Computer Literate

All classes have access to laptops which they are able to use in classrooms individually, in groups or as a class. In addition, we also have an ICT suite which is available for use by each class. They are not only taught computer skills, but also how to apply these skills in other subject areas.

The best they can be

We aim to meet all individual’s particular needs. Good teaching enables all children to succeed. Teachers will sometimes group the class according to ability. Sometimes more able pupils in English and Mathematics are set as a third group within the year. Sometimes they are given the challenge of individual projects. Some pupils fi nd learning diffi cult. They may find the subject diffi cult or their learning might be impeded by social and emotional difficulties. We support and develop these pupils in a variety of ways including: a carefully structured reading programme; individual and small group tuition; a nurture group and ELSA support for children with social and emotional needs and an Inclusion Manager who provides support and guidance to staff and parents.
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Knowledgeable about the world around them

Our curriculum is organised in to blocks of learning known as themes, which allow children to fi nd out about the world around them. These themes include a variety of different subject areas such as Science, History, Geography & RE and allow children to use their English, Maths and Computing skills within a context. Themes last between 2 and 12 weeks, depending on the age of the children and include a number of ‘Wow’ factor activities like trips and role play days to engage the children and inspire them to fi nd out more about the topics that interest them.

Healthy and Energetic

We have a well equipped cookery room where children learn to cook balanced meals and learn about a healthy diet. All pupils also have the opportunity to do some gardening and to join the gardening club if they wish to do so. Children will have a weekly games lesson and dance or gymnastic lesson. They also have the opportunity to join a selection of after school sporting clubs. During lunchtimes, children have the option of taking part in a range of organised energetic activities. We also run internal tree team competitions and compete against other schools in a range of sporting events.


We offer a wide range of musical opportunities including a weekly music lesson. From Year R, children will have the opportunity to play a wide range of instruments and sing. By year 5 and 6, children will listen, compose and play tuned percussion instruments. Small group tuition is available. In addition to this, after school clubs exist for children who are enthusiastic about music.


Children will have regular art lessons and they will experience using a range of materials and techniques. They will paint, make collage, use clay and make models, which will often be linked to the theme they are studying.