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At Cadland Primary School we want our children to be: Rights Respecting Citizens At Cadland Primary School, we wholeheartedly support the United Nations Children’s Rights Charter. We ensure that children understand their rights but also that they are clear about the responsibilities that go with them so that all members of the school community are shown respect. Our School Council is at the heart of this and they listened to the views of the whole school when they produced our school Rights and Responsibilities Charter and when writing our school mission statement:
Striving together to be SuperSTAR learners Their explanation of this mission statement is: Confident Communicators We want your child to be a confident and articulate speaker. They also need to be able to listen attentively to others and be able to make judgements about how people are feeling so they can work effectively with others.

Good Readers “We put sounds together to make real words.” – Yazmin Year R One of the most important things we do in school is to teach your child to read. We do this by providing them with a structured daily reading programme taught in small groups to ensure every child can learn at a pace appropriate to  them. Once they are skilled readers, they have daily literacy lessons where they use these skills in a range of different situations.
The best they can be Some children will require individual or small group support in order to succeed. Other children, who are achieving particularly well, will need this in order to extend their skills. We have the resources and staff to provide this where necessary.
ch writing Imaginative Writers At Cadland, we provide a range of opportunities to inspire your children to want to write and we teach them the skills to ensure they do this effectively.
                                      child laptop                          girl laptop headphones                   Computer Literate We have a state-of-the-art ICT suite and interactive whiteboards in every class. Our children are prepared for a computer literate society.
Marvellous Mathematicians We want our children to be able to count, calculate and problem solve and apply these skills to real life situations.
Independent Learners & Creative Thinkers Through a thematic approach, your child will have the opportunity to learn about the world around them past, present and future. We have linked together National Curriculum subjects to make themes such as Famous People in Y1/2 and Kenya in Y4.   Children learn to make choices, work collaboratively and apply their basic skills to a range of exciting learning units, many of which include trips to places of interest in the local area.
adventure playground 1 Healthy and Energetic We have a well equipped Food Technology room where children can learn to make healthy meals. We also have regular games and PE lessons as well as a number of after school sports clubs and teams. Even our lunchtimes are organised so that children are as energetic as possible, with lots of zoned areas containing different equipment to play with.
recorders         keyboard         guitar             Musicians Every child will have a class weekly music lesson and the chance to learn a musical instrument if they want to.
Artists Every child has an opportunity to develop their artistic skills and explore different artistic materials and techniques such as paper lamination and collage. Follow this link to the DfE school performance website. Our statutory assessment points results can be found by following this link.